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What Drives the Miller Voice Method Team

Liam Joynt, Scott Miller and John Patrick circa 2008 when forming the Miller Voice Method Studio. Photo by Leslie Hassler

As the Miller Voice Method continues to grow, we share the work with people in a variety of occupations where the clarity of expression is vital; from actors to business leaders, newscasters, athletes, politicians, lawyers, doctors, religious leaders and beyond. Those who find their way to the Miller Voice Method are people who seek a training system founded in a robust physical experience grounded in compassion, transparency, frankness and curiosity.

We desire a world where parents, spouses, and intercultural participants have vast access to MVM training; to increase capacities of patience, compassion, effective listening, conflict management and transition. The work integrates intention with breath in order to build a flexible, responsive and resilient voice through  movement, thought, emotional life and point of view—in short, convert competent communication into communication that compels and captivates an audience or listener.

What We Do

  • MVM develops actors and communicators who work with the Active Breath as a tool to receive and reveal maximum information in their sound while maintaining a dynamic presence.
  • MVM trains teachers who are curious, compassionate, frank and transparent and who are interested in modeling these qualities and fostering them in their students.
  • MVM shares the work globally via our Presence Training workout videos, our web-based video analysis services, and through trainers who travel, live or work outside the U.S.
  • MVM continuously evolves the method – by the aid of science, experience and real-time feedback from collaborators. We value rigor over preciousness by discarding what becomes ineffective or irrelevant to the needs of the 21st Century communicator; the studio is the laboratory.

John Patrick, Liam Joynt, & Scott Miller on the set of the Presence Training Video Series.