New Website Launch

//New Website Launch

New Website Launch

Welcome to the New MVM Website

By Liam Joynt

We are thrilled to offer our new Presence Training Video Series and information about our newly formed Teacher Certification program.

The foundation of this work is from the world of actor training, where teaching different skills can often be in a silo approach, with little incorporation between varied disciplines. Also, that training is often with a focus on the individual actor themself or how they work with other actors. We have built our methodology with a primary focus on integration and the audience. Essentially, in actor training, we strive to assist students not only with a fundamentally sound vocal technique but also with an integrative model that blends the fabric of all their work into the tapestry of a compelling performance.


As the Miller Voice Method approach continues to grow, we share the work with people in a variety of occupations where the clarity of expression is vital: actors; singers; voice, speech, acting, and movement teachers; and those in the non-performance world like business leaders, newscasters, athletes, politicians, lawyers, doctors, religious leaders, and more. Those who find their way to the Miller Voice Method are people who seek a training system founded in compassion, transparency, frankness, and curiosity. This work is for anyone who desires to better align their intended expression with what is actually communicated.


Our Teacher Certification arose out of longstanding commitment to mentorship of young teachers. In 2007 Scott Miller first began a 2-year mentorship program, hosted in part at the Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts. His first “mentee” John Patrick went on to co-found the MVM studio and is currently the Head of Voice & Speech for the MFA Professional Actor Training Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Scott has mentored a teacher in such fashion since time, including Liam Joynt, now on Voice Faculty at the Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts, and like John a Co-Founder of MVM Studio, co-Contributor to the Method & Master Trainer.

Our newly designed Teacher Certification Program launches the summer of 2018.

We are thrilled to share our findings and experiences with those that wish to become certified in our comprehensive approach. Our hope is that the number of instructors teaching the approach in academic programs across the United States and the world continues to grow. Equally, as our focus expands beyond actors, the need for trainers schooled in our approach is growing, as it makes a tremendous foundation for any work in communications.

Dig around the site, enjoy and reach out with and questions or comments on our Contact Page.