You Made It!

Hopefully you’ve gathered some tools to support your curiosity and deepen your consciousness in which to observe and ask more questions.

Has time slowed down a bit for you? Can you feel an energy more available to you and less restricted when expressed? We’d love for you to share your experience with us through our three question survey at the bottom of this page.

Every MVM teacher is still entrenched with this work and mining for the gems available through its practice. The work truly never stops. We thank you for the resources you generously shared with us in this commitment. 

If you’d like to continue working on these principles, we would recommend one of the following next steps…

  1. End the course and see how it impacts your life, maybe returning to it later.
  2. Restart from Week One, and see what new insights you gain this time around!
  3. Visit the Full Video Library to pick and choose the exercises that were your favorite and the ones that challenged you the most to investigate more deeply in your own directed practice.
  4. Schedule a live session. Complete the form below, and we will place you with a certified mVm teacher most appropriate for your situation and goals.

Thank you again for your life-giving attention to this work. Keep Breathing. Be Expansive. Stay Curious.

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