Presence Training Video Series

Presence Training Video Series

By John Patrick

The MVM Presence Training Video Series is a 5-week habit-shifting video workout. Your curated workouts and the revolutionary MVM approach add presence to your professional and personal life. Whether speaking to your boss or your child, pitching the big project or auditioning for a dream role, this work will transform how you move through your life.

MVM Presence Training – “Series I” was released in the spring of 2018 and covers the core principles of the MVM work through innovative exercises including the “Wall V”, “The Swing”, and “Emotional Suggestability” – all designed to help people feel more confident in their own skin and be able to communicate what’s important to them with purer intention and greater skill. It is MVM’s belief that to “be seen” is a primal need as important as food or shelter. How we are understood by those around us and the world-at-large is a part of the matrix of being seen. This drives the work to be accessible and empowering to all who intersect with it.

Coming soon will be subsequent MVM Presence Training Videos including Series II with more advanced exercises that add real world challenges to aid with integration. And we can’t wait to share sets of videos that will hone in on specific circumstances in life where nerves and pressures sabotage our ability to breathe, think, and speak compellingly.

The majority of the Series I videos were produced down at the MFA Professional Actor Training Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with generous support both from UNC Chapel Hill and New York University | Graduate Acting | Tisch School of the Arts. Our Raleigh, NC-based crew Kona Mountain were a great group of guys and we would have been lost without our incredible support staff (mainly Chris Keogh – Craft Services!!!) and participating actors. We are deeply grateful to all the geniuses who have crossed our paths. The love and wisdom from these sources are baked into every facet of the MVM work.