I love Scott’s work because it is anatomically based and psychologically astute. It is a psycho-physical approach that demands the student’s full commitment to looking at their habitual body with open eyes. I have seen the results. Change will happen; open body, open voice, open heart. I highly recommend this method of training.

Studying with Scott was like no other class, with the rare opportunity to deconstruct verbal and non-verbal language into the elements of what it actually is to listen, hear, digest, feel, impulse, react, and, ultimately, to speak. Regardless of where—onstage, onscreen, or in my daily life—the MVM work provided me the tools, vocabulary, and understanding of what it truly means to communicate and how.

Though I have been working successfully as a presenter and speaker, I started working with Scott to refine and up my speaking game. Scott taught me new presentation techniques that have been invaluable, including a short warm-up that I use unfailingly before every presentation and it has had a dramatic impact on my delivery. Scott is a miracle worker!!

With the then biggest acting job of my career approaching, I hired Scott to help me prepare. I was impressed with his sensitivity, clarity, confidence and humility. I walked into that particular job, and my work since, with a deep confidence I can directly attribute to our work together, and the personal effects continue to this day.

Scott’s ability to reveal habitual patterns and help shift them is nothing short of extraordinary. He prepared me for success in ways I couldn’t have imagined at the time. My time with Scott was some of my favorite time, I think in part because he’s so honest, warm, and a bit disruptive in how he views things.

I sought out Scott ten years after initially working with him when I had hit a wall with my work. I remembered his unique approach and the way he was able to lead people to truly genuine expression. The private coachings we had, and the technique he has developed, have revolutionized my approach completely.