Presence Training
Video Series

What is Presence Training?

In Presence Training, Scott leads you through a 5-week habit-shifting video workout. Your curated workouts and the revolutionary MVM approach add presence to your professional and personal life. Whether speaking to your boss or your child, pitching the big project or auditioning for a dream role, this work will transform how you move through your life.

Who has benefited from this work?

This is a technique developed in the best acting programs in the world and privately coached to a wide range of professionals from over fifty different countries including Boardroom Executives at Fortune 500 companies, Oscar, Tony, & Emmy Award winners and nominees, Olympic athletes, News Anchors, and Conflict Resolution Specialists.

Presence Training is a perfect fit if you:

  • Want practical exercises to demystify and develop your extraordinary presence.
  • Are ready to sync up what you feel inside with what you express outside.
  • Desire to be seen more consistently as the person you believe yourself to be.
  • Long to be a more effecting communicator in any relationship.
  • Yearn to match your thought leadership with a persona that is visibly dynamic.
  • Believe the clear and grounded expression of your opinions and the facts would benefit the teams in which you serve.
  • Simply want to catch more information and increase your awareness in any room.
Presence Training is a perfect fit if you:

What’s included in Video Series 1

$19.99 USD per month for Monthly Membership or $275 USD for Lifetime Membership
  • Curated workouts you can return to again and again
  • Over 3 hours of streaming video content directly from Scott Miller
  • Explanatory videos for each exercise so you can hop right into full workout routines
  • Access to the full Video Library, allowing you to do any exercise at any time

Every week you receive new modules of philosophies, How To’s and a curated workout to foster your growth. Over the 5 weeks, we add complexity and new exercises to your workout to begin the habit shifting process.

The FrameworkSeries Overview

Introductions to principles & movements of each exercise.

Learn ItWeek 1

The first step in understanding these new physical skills.

Embody ItWeek 2

Move beyond conceptual learning & into muscle memory.

Apply ItWeek 3

Add greater complexity as you move towards integration.

Develop ItWeek 4

Cultivate a focused and sustained intention in your work.

Own ItWeek 5

Master the skills on your own terms, befitting your needs.