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Spring 2022 mVm Cert Level I begins February 14th, 2022

mVm Teacher Certification

The mVm Miller Voice Method® integrates intention with breath in order to build a flexible, responsive and resilient voice through movement, thought, emotional life and point of view—in short, convert competent communication into communication that compels and captivates an audience or listener. 

The mVm Miller Voice Method’s Teacher Certification course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the program with an awareness of how they teach mVm work through their own unique lens and from their passion. This program provides students with the confidence to teach the fundamentals of the work, and the wherewithal to build mastery over time by teaching to their passion with efficacy, transparency and empathy. 

The course assists students in moving away from a linear mindset, and increases their ability to be able to be fluid and evolve, as the world, and the work, does. An essential component of the process is curiosity. Students will build a strong connection to the mVm community, past, present, and future, with continuing education and networking opportunities available.

What’s the gist?

The mVm Miller Voice Method® Teacher Certification Program is split into five components: three levels of virtual training (including live and asynchronous classes); an in-person teacher certification intensive; and six months of post-certification mentorship, continuing education, and support. Throughout training, students are required to understand, embody, and teach the work. In addition to the coursework, they have access to elective webinars on a variety of subjects based on the cohorts’ interest (such as applying mVm work to corporate clients and other non-performers, or teaching skills of intelligibility). They also receive ongoing, focused mentorship from mVm certified teachers. The in-person teacher certification intensive covers physical training not addressed in the online component, as well as requires certification candidates to teach outside students and to demonstrate an ability to teach the material effectively and with full understanding.

The goal of mVm teacher certification is not to become a master but rather, to acquire a specific framework for your everyday laboratory to function. This lifelong experiment thrives through the specificity of what you are looking for (i.e. your intention) and clearly communicating the why & how of the experiment to your students. Mastery is simply a result of showing up everyday to your lab with that specific framework in place.

What am I learning?

Core Materials

Curriculum Supplements 

What is the time commitment?

You can complete the mVm Teacher Certification program in one year (followed by 6 months of post certification support) by taking one level after the other followed by the in person intensive. You can also choose to move through mVm Teacher Certification one level at a time, non-consecutively. Given the expansive and evolving nature of the work, we recommend that you take the next level within two years of completing the previous level (For example: If you enroll in Level I for September 2021, we recommend that you enroll in Level II by September of 2023). 

Three Levels of Virtual Training: 

Class of 2022 In-Person Certification Intensive: Location TBD in the continental United States: July 18 – August 7, 2022 (plus a mandatory prep webinar in early June)

*You must complete all components of Cert Levels I, II, and III to be eligible for the in-person certification intensive.*

Class of 2022 Post-Certification Practicum: August 2022 – January 2023

Class of 2023 In-Person Certification Intensive: Dates and Location TBA

What’s the cost?

Need financial flexibility? Monthly payment plans, work study opportunities, & need-based financial aid are considered on a case by case basis. Please email ali@scottmillerenterprise.com for more information.

How will certification help me?

Additional Benefits

Increased marketing and reputation building of the mVm Miller Voice Method 

Am I a candidate for this program?

Each candidate is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in getting certified, please complete the interest form (below) and we will make a recommendation of your individual path to certification (including any pre-certification mVm training that might be appropriate for your individual situation). 

In the past, our mVm Certified teachers have come to the program with some or all of the following experience. This list is offered for informational purposes only. It is not exhaustive, and the criteria below are in no way requirements for eligibility.

How do I apply?

Instructors include:

Scott Miller 

Founder of the Miller Voice Method 

Having spent forty years as a coach, trainer and teacher, Scott blends a lifetime of exceptional experience into his work with others. His diverse life paths include two sports at the professional level, a law degree from George Washington University, clerking at DC’s Public Defender Service, time as a producer, actor, director, a trainer of lead teachers, husband, father of three and training in counseling and holistic practices. He has been, for the last fifteen years, a Professor at NYU, Tisch’s Graduate Acting Program, considered one of the elite training programs in the world. These differing experiences and the approaches they provide have tempered a professional approach that is both accessible and specific. 

Scott is the founder of the Miller Voice Method™ and through decades of field and scientific research has developed a transformational and repeatable way to embody presence and empathy for peak performances that sustain both the audience’s and speaker’s attention. 

Scott has trained a wide range of professionals from Boardroom Executives and Managers at Fortune 500 companies to Oscar/Tony/Emmy Award winners/nominees to Olympic athletes to news anchors to the unheralded individuals simply seeking improvement and fulfillment. Scott has been received in corporations, theaters, law firms, sets, recording studios and workshops around the world training groups, teams and individuals from over fifty countries. His work is geared toward those who seek to discover, embody and/or sustain peak performance in their chosen lives. 

Kristi Dana 

Director, mVm and Certified Teacher 

Kristi Dana is an assistant professor of voice and speech at Southern Methodist University. She was a visiting assistant professor of voice and speech at SMU (AY 2018-2019), Penn State University (AY 2017-2018) and served as interim head of MFA Acting, Brooklyn College, CUNY (AY 2016 – 2017). Vocal coaching includes Liz Lerman’s Healing Wars and Marie Antoinette at Soho Rep. She is also an Equity actor and works regularly in small professional theatre in Dallas. Kristi was mentored by Scott Miller and Liam Joynt, hosted in part at the Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts. She is certified in Knight-Thompson Speechwork and holds a Certificate of Completion from the Michael Chekhov Association. Her point of research, “Vocal Transparency,” investigates the efficacy of the integration of the Miller Voice Method and the Michael Chekhov Technique for actors. MFA, acting, Brooklyn College, CUNY; MA, theatre education, Emerson College; BA, theatre arts, Penn State University. Board Member, Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) (2018-2021). 

John Patrick 

Co-Founder of MVM Studio, co-Contributor to the Method & Master Trainer 

John is Co-Founder of MVM Studio and JP Communication Consultants. He served as an associate professor, Head of Voice & Speech for the MFA Professional Actor Training Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Resident Vocal Coach for PlayMakers Repertory Company (2011 – 2018). JP has coached for the Guthrie Theater, Trinity Shakespeare Festival and is currently the Company Vocal Coach for Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples, Florida (2012 – Ongoing). John taught for NYU’s Graduate Acting Program, NYU Steinhardt School; Southern Methodist University; the National Theater School of Finland at Helsinki; Queen’s College and the Lyric Theater in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Rutgers University, & New York Film Academy. 

John was mentored as a teacher by Scott Miller hosted in part at the Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts. As an actor he trained under William Esper, Deborah Hedwall, and Lloyd Richards at Rutgers University where he received his MFA. He received his BFA in Acting from TCU and also trained in the methodologies of Knight Thompson Speech (Erik Singer), Patricia Fletcher (Ms. Fletcher), Skinner & Linklater (Margaret Loft), and Fitzmaurice (Beth Maguire). 

Liam Joynt 

Co-Founder of MVM Studio, co-Contributor to the Method & Master Trainer 

Liam Joynt is a faculty member at the Graduate Acting Program of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he teaches voice and vocal coaches. He is a founding member of the Miller Voice Method Studio. He is a Certified Teacher of the Knight-Thompson Speechwork, which is a skills-based approach to speech and accent training for actors. He has previously been on faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Maggie Flanigan Studio. He has taught in the BFA and BA programs at Rutgers University, where he also received his MFA in acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts. 

As an actor he’s worked in mega-budget and no-budget films, daytime and primetime TV, Off-Broadway and Regional Theater. He’s produced world premiere productions for many playwrights, including Lee Blessing, Samuel Brett Williams, and Lia Romeo; in addition to various film projects. 

Tania Chelnov

mVm Certified Teacher 

Tania is an actor, coach and teacher with over ten years of experience working with and teaching mVm. She has taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NYU, The Michael Chekhov Acting Studio and in mVm’s teacher training program and has coached professional and student productions in New York and North Carolina. 

Tania was mentored by Scott Miller, John Patrick and Liam Joynt, hosted in part at the Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts and at UNC Chapel Hill. She holds an MFA in acting from UNC Chapel Hill/PlayMakers Rep and a BA in theatre from Smith College. Additional Training includes: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Moscow Art Theatre School, and the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio.